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Entry #2

Retardism in america's youth

2011-03-05 22:54:32 by Doormatt232

Today I looked upon a member of my family and though to myself...when the fuck did kids get so damn stupid?! I understand that at my age, im not really one to be bitching about this, espessically considering my track record of stupid ideas, but god damn...he/she (keeping anonymity so they don't find this and get pissed) is 14 ( well fuck anonymity) and he/she is one of the dumbest ppl I have the displeasure of knowing...

Tl:dr, kids are retards now


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2011-03-05 23:06:27

Oh my god Itotally agree with you my little brother is really stupid!


2011-03-06 01:26:18

They're kids... there's not really much i could say here, i mean... you can't just assume that they would know a lot about this world! And not a lot of people will go out of there way to teach them. Its best just to wait until they get mature, and understand more about this world.

Doormatt232 responds:

True. I guess by being so judgmental, I overlooked the obvious. They're not stupid, they are just kids.